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Noatak Transportation Inventory (NTI)


DOT&PF has prepared a database, the Noatak Transportation Inventory (NTI), and is requesting stakeholder assistance to refine it. The Noatak PEL includes the NTI database and NTI narrative which encompasses a collection of documents with information pertaining to the Study Area on categories including planning, environmental, design, construction, maintenance, GIS, and more. Each category has subtopics that captures historical studies, baseline conditions, and existing conditions. The NTI contains all known information about the Study Area at this time. Structurally, the NTI database is stored in OneDrive and has an excel spreadsheet that serves as a user interface for interested parties to easily search for information by category, topic, a word of a title, or by tag. Each NTI document has an inventory number which correlates items in the NTI databased to descriptions in the NTI narrative. Not all documents in the NTI database are summarized in the NTI narrative. There are currently 574 files and over two gigabytes of data related to the Noatak Study Area in the database. As each subsequent project progresses, pertinent information will be added to the inventory.

During your review of the NTI, please identify and forward any documents related to environmental, cultural, historic, subsistence, or any other information you deem valuable or relevant to the Noatak Study Area.  Information in the NTI will be help determine potential impacts from proposed projects in the Study Area. Your responses will help provide us with the necessary inputs to develop and design projects that avoid and minimize potential adverse environmental and human impacts where possible.

Instructions for Accessing the NTI

Start by opening this excel file "USER INTERFACE" which allows you to search the database by title, topic, and by inventory number.  A list of hyperlinked results will pull up which will lead you to that direct document in One Drive. A list of available searchable topics are available on the right hand side of the table.

A narrative summary document of the NTI has been created, topic by topic, to help agencies and stakeholders to determine what knowledge has been collected to date.

Please follow this link to view the  Noatak Transporation Inventory database on One Drive. This view is of the database file system itself in windows explorer format.

If you have any files (pdf, word, images, GIS, resolutions,letter of support, grant applications, etc) that are missing from the database that you would like to add either contact us or you may UPLOAD THEM DIRECTLY HERE and they will be cataloged appropriately.

Please contact DOT&PF, with confidential documents, and we will work with stakeholders and agencies to safeguard proprietary information.

For techincal issues regarding access please contact Katherine Keith at

For all other inquires contact Christopher Johnston  at